Mozzarella Cheese Making Class

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Visit a local cheese factory and learn how the famous Mozzarella cheese is prepared.
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About this Tour / Experience

Sorrento is home to the fior di latte, also known as la treccia (as it is shaped like a plait) mozzarella. Made from cow’s milk, the freshness and flavour of this cheese is unique to the area and produced still today by hand using local, fresh milk, which is worked into a creamy cheese and woven into braids and twists.

The tour begins in the farm with a visit to the cows and calves. Then we go to the dairy where milk is curdled. Raw milk is heated to a 38°C temperature then liquid calf rennet is added and the milk is left to coagulate for about 15-20 minutes. At this point caciottine (creamy ricotta like cheese) can be made. After this, the curd is broken into grains as large as a nut. The curd is left to ferment for about 3-4 hours and then it is cut into strips and put into containers where it will be worked in hot water. Then comes the most creative and amusing phase of the mozzarella making process, pressing, squeezing and manipulating the cheese.

This class gives you the opportunity to experience firsthand the traditional method of mozzarella cheese making from a local, family run cheese maker whose family has been making cheese in the area for over 100 years!

Following the guided tour of the farm and making of mozzarella cheese and caciottine, sit back and enjoy a taste of salami from the farms own production and provolone del Monaco. All served with a good glass of local wine.

Class Start : 09:00 am (pick up at 9.15 from Gocce di Capri Residence) OR 15:30 pm (pick up at 15.15 pm from Gocce di Capri Residence)

Children under 5 go free.

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